About Us

Our Story

We help businesses thrive in the Personalization Era.

Kizen’s founding team has been providing marketing, sales, and operational consulting since 2003 to some of the biggest and fastest growing companies in the world. After using over 200 different legacy platforms, we decided in 2018 that it was time to build technology that would unleash the true potential of teams - a next-generation platform built to save time, drive revenue, and deliver personalized experiences customers love.

The 4 Major Innovations That Make Kizen Different

01Seamless Connection Technology

Kizen brings all your teams, technology, and data together like never before. Collaborate across your company easier than ever before, ensure everyone is on the same page, and deliver amazing experiences across every customer touchpoint.

02Zoe Personalized Intelligence

Zoe is the world’s smartest automation and intelligence engine. She uses data in real-time to deliver personalized experiences to customers and personalized insights to team members. She also handles tasks that save team members 5-10 hours per week.

03No Coding, Super Intuitive Interface

Kizen is as easy to use as everyday email, deeply customizable, and looks great on every device. Intuitive interfaces, visual builders, beautiful templates, and pre-loaded best practices allow teams to implement new capabilities in moments.

04Everyone Wins Methodology

We’re obsessed with making every member of the team more successful - helping them deliver consistently amazing, personalized customer experiences and make a bigger positive impact on the world.

With Kizen, Everyone Wins

Customers Win

More Amazing, Personalized Experiences

Team Members Win

Save Time, Higher Productivity & Contribution

Managers Win

Better Decisions, Mentorship & Outcomes

Companies Win

Higher Profitability, Revenues & Impact

The Kizen Movement Has Begun

Hundreds of customers on 6 different continents are using Kizen to deliver millions of personalized customer experiences and enable over $3 billion in revenues. The reasons above are why companies, more often than not, are choosing Kizen over legacy competitors. Our customers are consistently experiencing happier team members, higher productivity, driving smarter growth, and are deploying deeply personalized customer campaigns in minutes not months - while avoiding the high costs and extensive setup and maintenance challenges associated with legacy providers.

Driven By “Kaizen” & Continuous Improvement

The name of our company - Kizen - is inspired by “Kaizen” - the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement. Our name is a promise from our team to yours that we will continue working hard every day to make our technology the best it can be, and give you the tools to do the same in your business. To this end, we release new features to customers on a monthly basis.

A Deeper Mission - Prosperity For Everyone

Kizen exists to advance humanity and bring prosperity to everyone in every part of the world.

01Empower Amazing Teams

We believe teams like yours can be the ultimate force for good and we’re building the technology to both unleash your potential and maximize your positive impact so together we can fill the world with amazing, personalized experiences.

02Personalized Education For All

We give back an unprecedented 10% of our time and technology - free - to educational institutions and non-profits with a special focus on comprehensive, personalized learning and life skills programs for both children and adults.

We’d Love to Work With You And Your Team!

We’re looking for amazing businesses that want to save time, grow smarter and have a bigger impact on the world. We’d love to speak with you and learn more about your goals for the next 12 months and beyond. Please Schedule a Demo to speak with us or Start A Free Trial if you want to jump in and see Kizen for yourself.